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20×200 Takes Advantage of Technological Trends

Technology can help organizations stay current, increase productivity, efficiency, reach new audiences, and improve the overall art experience.  However, these technological changes can result in backlash.  An art business that has jumped on the technology train is 20×200, which is an online contemporary art gallery. Their mission is that allowing everyone to collect art, and … Continue reading

It’s not all business…

I am one of the artists collaborating on a piece for Columbia’s Manifest Arts Festival.  This annual fair showcases the talent of Columbia’s students in their area of study and draws crowds to the South Loop to participate in and experience the many performances, exhibitions, and events.  Our graduate program, Arts, Entertainment and Media Management … Continue reading

I have a feeling I’m not in Chicago anymore… Zack Balber – Tamim

A week ago, I whisked off to Kansas City to attend an art opening at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.  Zack Balber was one of the three artists featured that night exhibiting work from his photographic series titled Tamim. So you might be wondering… what was so special about this particular art opening that … Continue reading

Shifting Focus Art Gallery Fundraising Exhibit ROCKED!

This semester, I decided to take a chance and sign up for a Gallery and Art Management course.  My background is more focused in music.  However, interested in industry cross-over, I thought it would be a great place to learn. The course is led by Jessica Cochran and our class is made up of seven … Continue reading

Street Fair and Gallery Visits in the Southwest

We all have a place we call home and for me that is Tucson, Arizona.  For Spring Break, I came home to visit family and survey the art scene in my home state to see how my perspective had changed after finishing my first year in the Arts Management program. Although the short break did … Continue reading

An Introduction to the Miami Arts District

I was lucky to visit Miami this Spring Break, and pay a visit to the renowned Miami Arts District and Design District. With graffiti and street art covering the exteriors of many of the galleries, it brought light to the fact that Chicago has an opportunity to revamp the West and South side with a … Continue reading

Armory Art Fair

The wait is over…. It’s Armory Season!!

The city is in frenzy, collectors are flying in from all over the world, and galleries are rushing to put the finishing touches on their booths; New York City and the entire art world is anxiously awaiting for The Armory Show to open its doors. Before I get ahead of myself, I would like to … Continue reading

Chicago Art Affair

We recently created a map of the art market in class that depicts the web of connections between its various components.  One of these parts stands out on the map: Art Fairs.  These fairs represent the far reaches of the market, barely bridging the divide between the sacred, romanticized art world and the blatantly profane … Continue reading

Artist-in-residence: Variations on a theme

The notion of an artist residency has intrigued me since I first heard of it. Perhaps I have romanticized residencies as great, tranquil escapes where an artist is free to succumb to the profound force of inspiration. Over the years I’ve found myself dreaming of starting a residency of my own; it would be in … Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing in the Art Market

A few weeks ago, I came across and article titled “Bungled attempts at bagging a Banksy” in the Arts Newspaper that spoke about a purposely planned art burglary as part of a guerrilla marketing scheme. The Art Series Hotels in Melbourne decided to put its security to the test and make a game out of … Continue reading